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Texas and Florida, Respectively.

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Q: In what states do the following football team play there home games Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins?
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Who is better in football Dallas Cowboys or Miami Dolphins?

I am a fan of the cowboys so I gotta say the dallas cowboys!!

What is Jim carreys favorite football team?

The Miami Dolphins.

What states do the following football teams play their home games in Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphins Baltimore Ravenschicago bears Philadelphia Eagles?

Dallas Cowboys = Texas. Miami Dolphins = Florida. Baltimore Ravens = Maryland. Chicago Bears = Illinois. Philadelphia Eagles = Pennsylvania.

Are the Dallas Cowboys statistically the best football team ever?

No. the Cowboys winning percentage is .577 and the Miami Dolphins is .581

Which NFL team has won the most Monday Night Football games?

The Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins are tied. The Dallas Cowboys have 42 wins to date. Where as the Miami Dolphins only have 40 wins.

What states are these teams in Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins?

The Dallas Cowboys play in Texas and the Miami Dolphins play in Florida.

What states do the follwing football teams play their home gamse in Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphinse?

Cowboys play in Texas Dolphins play in Florida

Do the Miami Dolphins travel farther when they play the New Orleans Saints or the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys

In what states do the following football teams play their home game Dallas cowboys Miami Dolphins?

Texas, Florida

What is chris brown's favorite football team?

his favorite football team is the dallas cowboys

What sport do the Dallas Cowboys play?

The Dallas Cowboys play American-style Football.

What do cowboys play?

if your speaking of the dallas cowboys the sport is football

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