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Michigan is a state itself

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Q: In what state is Michigan?
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For the last 10 years what is the football score between Michigan and Michigan State?

2004- MICHIGAN 45 Michigan state 38 2003- MICHIGAN 27 Michigan state 20 2002- MICHIGAN 49 Michigan state 3 2001- Michigan 24 MICHIGAN STATE 26 2000- MICHIGAN 14 Michigan state 0 1999- Michigan 31 MICHIGAN STATE 34 1998- MICHIGAN 29 Michigan state 17 1997- MICHIGAN 23 Michigan state 7 1996- MICHIGAN 45 Michigan state 29 1995- Michigan 25 MICHIGAN STATE 28

What is the difference between Michigan State and the State of Michigan?

Michigan State is the short version for Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. The State of Michigan is referring to the whole state of Michigan.

Is Michigan state or Michigan better?

Michigan State

Is Michigan a state?

Michigan is a state.

What state is Michigan State in?


Which university has more Rhodes Scholars Michigan or Michigan State?

michigan state WRONG AGAIN. Michigan has produced 26, Michigan State 12.

Which has a better football team Michigan or Michigan state?

Michigan state

The State News is published in what American state?

The State News is the campus newspaper of Michigan State University. Michigan State University is located in the state of Michigan. Thus, The State News is published in Michigan.

Is Michigan a state or city?

Michigan is a state.

What is michigan's state nickname?

The state of Michigan's nickname is the Mitten State. This is because the state of Michigan is shaped like a mitten.

What was the score of Michigan vs Michigan state game 2008?

Michigan State 35, Michigan 21

Which team is not a member of the MAC'S west division eastern Michigan western Michigan Michigan state or central Michigan?

Michigan state

Was Michigan a slave state?

No. Michigan was a Union state.

What is Michigan's 2nd biggest state?

Michigan is a state.

Is Michigan a no fault state?

Michigan is not a fault state

Who has more national championships Michigan or Michigan State?

Michigan State has more value because Michigan is overrated.

What is Michigan's State song?

Michigan, my Michigan

Who is oldest football team Michigan or Michigan state?

I think it might be Michigan state.

Who won the University of Michigan and Michigan State football game 2010?

Michigan State

Michigan state song?

It is either "Michigan,My Michigan"or "My Michigan".

Is Michigan a small state or big state?

Michigan Is A Formidable Sized State.

What state is Michigan?


What is the record between Michigan State vs Michigan Wolverines in Basketball?

91-71 Michigan leading Michigan state

Which state is between Wisconsin and Michigan?

There's no state between Wisconsin and Michigan. But there is Lake Michigan.

What city is Michigan State University located in?

Michigan State University is in East Lansing, Michigan.