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Q: In what state did a golf star who was the youngest player to achieve the Grand Slam hold a news conference in 2010 to issue a formal apology 582 points?
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In the context of a formal meeting what is an 'apology'?

In the context of a formal meeting, an 'apology' refers to prior request to be absent from a meeting. It simply means, that the members are aware of your absence.

A formal written or oral defense of a belief?

Apology :)

Should the Acadians receive an apology?

Yes, the Acadians should receive an apology for the historical wrongdoings they have experienced, such as the Great Upheaval. A formal apology acknowledges past injustices and helps promote reconciliation and healing within society.

What is the meaning for demanded an apology?

"Demanding an apology" means to insist that someone acknowledge their wrongdoing or offense, and express remorse for it. It typically involves confronting the individual and asking for a formal apology to address the hurt or harm caused.

Where did Kevin Rudd say sorry to the Stolen Generation?

The formal apology took place on Capital Hill in the capital Canberra.

When was Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics created?

Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics (FASL) is an annual conference that was first organized in 1992 by scholars interested in applying formal and computational methods to the study of Slavic languages. It continues to be held annually, with each conference hosted by a different university.

Is conference a noun or adjective or both?

"Conference" is primarily a noun, referring to a formal meeting for discussion. It can also be used as an adjective to describe something related to or characteristic of a conference, such as a "conference room" or "conference call."

What happened after Bill Murray was arrested in Japan I believe for driving a golf cart drunk?

He paid a big fine and had to issue a formal apology

What did the US do to make up for Japanese Internment?

As a formal apology in 1988, The U.S Government grants $1.6 billion in reparations to all survivors.

What is the difference between Conference and Symposium?

Originally a drinking party, and then a drinking party with intellectual discussions, now a symposium is a less formal conference, or a collection of writings, on a subject.

When writing a formal letter the action the author of the letter hopes to achieve should be found in the?

When writing a formal letter, the action the author of the letter hopes to achieve should be found in the:

What might this formal apology indicate about future choices by government policy makers?

They may create more laws that reduce inequalities between people.