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The Detroit Lions play in the Ford Stadium

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Q: In what stadium do the Lions play?
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In what stadium do the Detroit Lions play?

Ford Field

Where did the Detroit Lions play before the silverdome?

Ford field That is where they play NOW. They played at Tiger Stadium.

Where do the Detroit Lions play?

Ford Field is the home stadium of the Detroit Lions.Detroit is in Michigan.

Did the Detroit Lions ever play a game in Michigan Stadium?

I found the answer before anyone even had a chance to reply.....The Detroit Lions did play a professional football game in Michigan Stadium, on September 22, 1971. They played the defending champion Baltimore Colts.

When was the Detroit Lions stadium built?

The Detroit Lions currently play at state of the art Ford Field, in downtown Detroit, MI. Ford Field was completed in 2002.

Who has the smallest NFL stadium?

Detroit lions

In what city do the lions play in?

the lions play in Detriot MI.

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What NFL football team's stadium is Ford Field?

the Detroit lions

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What was the name of the Detroit Lions stadium when they lost 16 games?

Ford Field.

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