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free style

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Q: In what sport would a participant do the Australian crawl?
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In what sport would you do the Australian crawl?

The Australian crawl was the original name for the swimming stroke now known as Freestyle. the stroke was developed in Australia.

What are the differentiate between participant and non-participant?

A participant is a person who actively participates in an activity or sport. A non-participant would be someone who is not participating, but instead watching.

What were the first Australian sports?

The first sport would be rugby.

What is the worst sport in Australia?

That would have to be AFL. (Australian Football League.) The worst sport in Australia, I would think that would be any sport that you personally didn't like.

What is the most poplar Australian sport?

As a nation it would have to be either Australian rules Football or Cricket. (Rugby is popular in certain states)

Should all sport coaches have to have experience in playing that sport?

Well, they should have knowledge of the sport, yes, but they do not have to be a participant in the sport. However, taking part in the sport gives more experience and knowledge, so it would be the better option to choose a coach who has played the sport and has knowledge over a coach who has not played the sport but has knowledge.

What if Australian rules football was an international sport?

It would become bigger then Soccer and all other sports VERY quickly and I'm not even Australian

Was Henry VIII sporty?

Henry the VIII loved to do sport but the sport he absolutly loved was tennis.Yes he was, not only as a spectator but an eager participant. He was a big strong man and in contact games few got the better of him. I would say being King helps.

What would you do without computers?

I would crawl into a dark corner.

What sports the best?

Well for growth over the last 5 years the best BALL sport would Australian Rule Football and for Other Sports it Would be MMA

How many sports are there in the USA?

It would be impossible to say how many sports exactly are played in the USA. Professionally, baseball, basketball, American football, and hockey are popular. Bowling is a very popular participant sport.

What is it to be an Australian?

Figuratively, any action, belief or value that conforms with the Australian national identity, is Australian. A national identity is the way in which a nation defines itself as different to every other nation. For example, most Australians value hard work, fairness, sport and equality so 'being an Australian' would involve these factors. The stereotypical Australian (white, lower middle class male) is also a big part of what we perceive as being an 'Australian'. Most people who consider themselves as 'Australian' would also consider themselves as honest, working people who enjoy their sport and their drink. (Note: the Australian landscape has also had a profound effect on being an "Australian" and the way in which an individual relates to Australia effects their personal relationship to the nation) Literally, being an Australian is having Australian citizenship either by birth or application. It means to be born in Australia

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