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Q: In what sport do you use a mallet?
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What sport uses a mallet?

Polo uses a mallet

What sport do players on horseback hit the ball with a mallet?


How do you use the mallet on poptropica?

you use the mallet on the bell when the fish jump move the fisher man where the fish jump use mallet again treasure map piece is in fish mouth.

What is mallet use for?

mallet its type of product which help push downwards

Is croquet a safe sport for children?

It is safe for children who can handle the croquet mallet. And they need to learn that the mallet is not for hitting people. Also it should be the right size for the child.

What type of instrument is a mallet?

A mallet is a hammer with a large head made of wood In sport it is a long handled wooden hammer used to strike the ball in croquet and polo

What usually causes mallet finger?

Mallet finger usually occurs while playing a sport that involves a ball--for example, reaching out to catch a hard pass in basketball or bare-handing a baseball.

What are the uses of the tinman mallet?

you can use the tinman mallet to flatten safety edges like a dresser.

Where do you get the mallet on Skullduggery Island?

At Dragon Cove, the mallet is under the floating statue in the water. Jump on the head of the floating statue, and the tail will pop up with the mallet. Use it to bring fish up for the old fisherman by striking the giant bell gong. (Slide the fisherman to the right, near the first barrel, then use the mallet on the gong.)

Which two sports use a mallet?

chrocet and house chrocet

What is the sport polo that involves horses?

with the little ball and mallet it's called polo...hit the ball with the mallet into the goal.another alternative as per wiki : "Buzkashi or kokpar is the Central Asian sport in which horse-mounted players attempt to drag a goat carcass toward a goal."

What is the stick you use to hit a gong?

It is called either a striker or a mallet.

How can you use mallet in a sentence?

A mallet is a type of hammer, usually made of wood or rubber. Here are some sentences.The doctor hit my knee with a little rubber mallet and made it jerk.He tapped the board into place with a wooden mallet.She used a mallet and chisel to carve the stone into the shape of a bird.

How do you move the dragon on Skullduggery Island?

The dragon statue at Dragon Cove conceals a large mallet. Stand on it and it will slowly sink to reveal the mallet. Push the old man to the right, next to the first barrel. Use the mallet to strike the gong.

Can you use a Scotty Cameron futura phantom MALLET headcover on a futura phantom putter?

no, the futura phantom has a little bigger clubhead and will not fit in the mallet headcover

How do you get the man fish on Skullduggery Island on poptropica?

you have to find a mallet and then push the old man on the bell's right side then press the use button on the mallet item

What is th use of Zimmer Bone Mallet?

Mashing Bones

Did Thor use a hammer or mallet?

A hammer did you see the avengers??

Where do you use the rubber mallet on Steamworks island?

You need the mallet from Sully's, and the dirty beaker from the museum, when you go to the Production Zone (far right, across the Drawbridge). After the alarm goes off when you get the key from the robot, there is a portion of cracked glass in the roof dome. Use the rubber mallet there to smash the glass and escape.

What do you do after you receive the steam key from the living quarters?

You go to the upper left cornet and use the rubber mallet (this is at sully's place where the mech is too) to break the glass, this is how you get out... If you don't have the rubber mallet yet, bring back the key and go get the mallet

What sport would you use a mallet in?

These sports would include:croquetpolopall-mallground billiards (troco)closh

What is the use of wooden mallet?

A wooden mallet is a hamer made of wood. It is used to hammer a chisel where you do not want to damage the end of the chisel that is being hammered. Carpenters and stone masons frequently use wooden mallets (carpenter's are square and stonemason's are round). Modern wooden mallet can also be made out of dense nylon (but not rubber as it is too bouncy).

What did people use before blenders?

a kinfe to cut with and a mallet for squishing it

What two sports do you use a mallet?

croquet polo

How can you make a quiet sound on a xylophone?

Don't hit it as hard, or use a softer mallet.