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Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Badminton, Squash, Baseball, Tabletennis, Karate, Wrestling, Boxing, Formula 1, Athletics, Archery, Gymnastics...

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Q: In what professional sports does the official not use a whistle?
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In what professional sports does the official use a whistle?

football and soccer

Where is sound used in sports?

Referees in football, basketball and soccer use a whistle for various signals.

Can you use material with official sports on a youth sports team?

Yes everything but wooden bats.

How do professional sports people use their money?

To live, usually luxuriously.

What tools do professional athletes use?

The body and their appropiate sports gear clothing.......

What whistle does Howard Webb use?

wolf whistle

When do you use whistles?

A whistle can be used to train a dog. Whistles are used by sports coaches and by teachers to gain peoples attention in noisey environments. A survival whistle can be used to help people locate each other in foggy conditions.

How can India use sports as a tool?

India can use sports as a tool in many aspects. It has Cricket which is played at professional level and also won at global level in many championships. It on the other hand can use Badminton and Tennis which is also played at professional level. Just a little more development andhard workto enjoy the sweet juice of success in sports field. India has to strive hard not to gain profits from sports by corruption but improve the game at global level to make professional development in sports sector.

What is a transcribing agency?

A company that writes professional and official letters and such for business and court use.

How do you use whistle in a sentence as a verb?

I whistle when I'm scared.Sometimes, I whistle but only make a blowing sound.I whistle to keep a good mood.

What are the use of whistle in first aid?

what is a whistle used for in first aid

What sports use handicapping?

Well it was said that it was golf and bowling.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Horse Racing, professional sprinting.