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During the 2007 (or 2007-2008) seasons, the NBA saw the greatest winning percentage for the home team, at 60%. NFL home teams won 57% of their games, and NHL and MLB teams each won 54% of their games. However 11% of NHL games ended in ties (there were no ties in the NFL that year, and the other sports don't have ties). The ratio of wins to losses was actually very slightly higher in the NHL than it was in the NBA, at 1.509 wins per loss in the NHL, and 1.505 wins per loss in the NBA.

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What major sport is played in soldier field?

The major sport played in soldier field is soccer. Also, pro lacrosse has been played there recently.

What is a sentence for the word advantage from sport?

One could say that their team had the home-field advantage when playing on their own court, based on the team's extreme familiarity with the space.

What sport does advantage belong to?

The term advantage belongs to tennis.

What sport has the biggest sports field?

A field for the horse sport called polo.

Why is there capioncips in field hockey?

field hockey is an indoor sport and a outdoor sport

Is hockey a field sport?

Field hockey is a field sport, but both indoor and ice hockey are rink sports.

Which sport is the fasted field sport?


What is the most famous sport in Belize?

The Major Sport of Belize is Football but the most famous sport of Belize is cross country cycling classic , it is considered to be the most important event in Belize.

Why is teamwork important in a sport?

Teamwork is important in a sport

Are lacrosse and field hockey major sports?

Field Hockey is reported to be the second largest participation team sport in the world after football (soccer) Lacrosse is a popular sport, most popular in North America where lacrosse is Canada's National Summer Sport, It has grown in popularity in the United States, becoming the fastest growing sport at the high school and NCAA levels.

What are the advantage of sponsorship for a sport?

Money for the teams

Why are horses an important livestock in Kentucky?

they are important because horse racing, particularly thoroughbreds, is a major sport in Kentucky, hence the Kentucky Derby.

Is basejumping a field sport?

officially, no. But if you take into account several things, you could consider it a field sport, yes.

Does every sport or team have there own field or stadium?

If it is for the school's sport team, not all have their own field or stadium.

Why is speed important in sport?

Speed is not always important in sport. It's relative to the sport you are participating in.

What are the major sports in Zambia?

I believe soccer is probably the major sport in Zambia

National sport Pakistan?

The national sport is field hockey, but the most popular sport is cricket

When did field hockey become a sport?

Field hockey in all its forms has fulfilled the definition of a sport for as long as it has been played.

Do you need to take PE in College?

No, you do not unless your major is a sport. If a college student's major is a sport then, Yes, you will have to take a class in that sport.

When did track and field become an olympic sport?

When did track become a sport

What is the national sport of Pakistan?

The national sport of Pakistan is Field Hockey.

What is the State sport of Pakistan?

The state sport of Pakistan is Field Hockey.

Is a javelot a sport?

Yes, Javelin is a sport. It is a track and field event.

What is the fastest moving field sport in the world?

Hurling, an Irish sport is the fastest moving field sport in the worldSoccerActually, LACROSSE is the fastest and Hurling is the 2nd. But if you are talking about the speed of the ball in sport you will find that Hurling is well down the pecking order.the fastest field sport in the world is Hurling.

How do you get to the sport shop in club penguin?

The sport shop is located in the soccer field.