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Q: In what hemisphere have most of the Olympics been held and mdashNorthern or Southern?
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As of 2006 how many times have the Summer Olympics been held in the Southern Hemisphere?


How many times have the winter Olympics been in Australia?

Australia has never hosted the Winter Olympics. It's difficult to host the Winter Olympics in the Southern Hemisphere because it is summer when the games are traditionally played (February)

How many countries in the southern hemisphere hosted the winter Olympics?

Twice - 1956 in Melbourne, Australia and 2000 in Sydney, Australia. Rio de Janeiro is in contention to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. Should they be awarded the games they would be the third southern hemisphere city to host the Games and the first South American city to host the Games.

How many times have the Olympics been held in the southerner hemisphere?


Where is the best place to go to in the southern hemisphere?

New Zealand. OK. I havn't been a lot of places in the southern hemisphere but I lived there for one year and it was fantastic.

How many times has north and south America hosted the Olympics?

Never. Whenever the Olympics have been held in the western hemisphere, it has always been either one or the other.

When and where is a tsunami most likely to occur?

there have been a lot in Hawaii and in the summer well if an earthquake or landslide is in the Southern Hemisphere the winter

What has Auckland just been voted as?

The most beautiful city in the southern hemisphere.

Why is the southern hemisphere of mars believed to be older than the northern?

The southern hemisphere of Mars is believed to be older than the northern hemisphere because of extensive cratering patterns. The abundance of craters in the southern hemisphere suggests that it has been exposed to impacts for a longer period of time, indicating an older surface compared to the northern hemisphere. This could be due to differences in geological processes and history between the two hemispheres.

Is new caledonia in the north or southern hemisphere?

New Caledonia is located in the southern hemisphere.

How many summer Olympics have been held in the eastern hemisphere?

i dont know but heres a a smiley faqce :D

What is a hamisphere?

A "hamisphere" is not a recognized term or concept. It may have been a typo or misspelling. If you meant "hemisphere," it refers to half of the Earth divided by the equator (Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere) or by the Prime Meridian (Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere).