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Bryan Ezra Tsumoru Clay wone the gold medal for USA in the decathlon.

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Q: In what event Bryan clay win a gold medal?
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What time is the gold medal game?

gold medal game for what event?

How many gold medal in the 2012 Olympics?

302 event winners were awarded a Gold Medal.

What event did Peggy Fleming get a gold medal in?

Peggy Gail Flemming was the gold medal winner of the 1968 Olympic figure skating event.

What does the winner of each event receive?


Who won the gold medal for women's sailboard sailing event at the 1996 Olympics?

Lee Lai Shan won a gold medal in sailing, in the board (mistral) event

What does the gold medal mean?

It means you come in first for your event.

Is team olympic medals counted per event or medalist?

Per event. For example, if the ice hockey team wins the gold medal all players on the team get a gold medal but the country gets credit for only one gold medal in the final standings.

First British Gold Medal in a throwing event?

Tessa Sanderson

Who has a gold medal?

Every Athlete that won an event at the Olympic Games

What is better silver medal or a gold medal?

A gold medal is the highest award in the olympics. it is awarded for coming first in an event. the person who comes second gets a silver medal, and the person who comes third gets a bronze medal.

Which country won the gold medal in men's trampoline at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

The gold medalist in the Men's Triple Jump event at the Rio 2016 Olympics was Christian Taylor.

Who won the gold medal in women's shot put at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

Michelle Carter of United States won the gold medal