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Tom Daley is a British Olympic contender in the sport of Diving.

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Q: In what discipline is Tom Daley world champion?
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Is Tom Daley American?

Depends which Tom Daley you're referring to. The Olympian and current World Champion 10M platform diver is British. Tom Daley the Baseballer is American.

Is Tom Daley the world champion at diving?

no, in the last world championships he got silver

When did Tom Daley become world champion diver?

2 months old

How did tom daley become famous?

Tom Daley (the diver) became famous after qualifying for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games at the age of 13. He was made the FINA World Champion this year, at the age of 15.

Is Tom Daley the number 1 UK male diver?

Yes he is a champion Diver.

What year did Tom Daley become the British champion?

i believe it was in the 2008 Olympics when he won gold for Great Britain.

Is tom daley french?

Tom daley the diver is from england. Tom daley the footballer is fom england. Tom daley the baseballer is from california.

Is Tom Daley inspirational?

Yes, very inspirational for teenage sports persons and School children wanting to become a champion.

Does tom daley have a nick name?

tom daley's nick name is daley mail.

What city is Tom Daley from?

tom daley is from Plymouth

What did Tom Daley do?

tom Daley done diving

Is Tom Daley Spanish?

Tom Daley is British.

Who holds the world record for diving?

Tom Daley

Why is Tom Daley so successful?

Tom has stuck at what he wanted to achieve through determination and hard work to get to Olympic Champion level. He also has a great personality.

Is Tom daley married?

I s Tom daley married.

Where is Tom Daley?

Tom Daley can be anywhere in the World at the time you read this answer. He competes in many Diving events worldwide. He trains at a pool in Essex and also at Plymouth when at home in England.

Who is Tom Daley's mum?

Tom's mothers name is Debbie Daley.

Is Tom Daley one of the World top hundred male divers?

Yes, Tom is in the top 10.

Why did Tom Daley change his name?

Tom Daley didn't change his name !

What was Tom Daley's dads name?

Tom's dad was named Robert Daley.

Does Tom Daley have a girlfriend?

Tom Daley is currently single but he does have girl-friends.

When was Tom Daley born?

Tom Daley was born on May 21, 1994.

Does Tom Daley like his nicknames?

Tom didn't mind his nicknames; 'Daley Mail' and 'Tom the Bomb'.

What trophies has Tom Daley won?

in the 2012 Olympics Tom Daley has won a bronze.

Who helped Tom Daley in his career?

Tom Daley has been helped by his Coach and father.