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In general terms, it is in whatever direction you're facing.

I expect you ask because of the requirement that the ball is kicked forward on a kick-off. The definition on a kick-off is "more towards the opponent's goal line than your own."

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Q: In what direction was the kick going if you kicked a ball forward?
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Does the ball have to be kicked forward at a penalty kick in soccer?

Yes, a ball must be kicked forward at a penalty kick in soccer.

What will happen if you kick a soccer ball?

When a football is kicked, some of the force is absorbed by the football, and any force remaining is transferred in propulsion of the football forward.

Does the ball need to move forward in indirect kick?

The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves. The movement does not have to be forward.

What must happen to a ball at the start of a soccer game?

it has to be kicked forward

Does rugby have a wide receiver?

No, rugby doesn't have a wide receiver; that's more an American football term and in that game the ball can be thrown forward or kicked forward. In rugby (both codes), the ball can be kicked forward and passed laterally or behind the ball carrier only

What happens if you are right handed but you kick a soccer ball with your left foot?

The ball moves in the direction you kicked it.

What is a driven free kick?

It means the ball was hit (kicked) hard and straight forward.

Is it illegal to toss the ball underhand in a forward direction?


What direction does the ball have to travel first in a soccer kickoff?


When a soccer ball is kicked the action and reaction forces do not cancel each other out because?

when a soccer ball is kicked, there is a transfer of energy from your leg to the ball. since the ball is elastic, it coverts the kinetic energy from your leg into potential elastic energy in the for of deformation of the ball. the ball then snaps back to its elastic equilibrium converting the energy back to kinetic energy. also, your momentum is being transferred to the ball, giving it a direction since momentum is a vector. due to these conversions of energy and momentum, the ball is sent off your foot in the direction you kicked it with the same speed you kicked it with.

What direction must the ball must be passed in rugby?

The ball must be passed either in line with the ball carrier OR as is normally seen to the rear of the ball carrier. A ball thrown forward, dropped forward of the carrier or knocked forward of the ball carrier is a penalty offense

What direction does the ball have to travel on the kick-off in soccer?

The ball must move forward on the initial kick. Forward is "towards the opponent's goal line."

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