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The U.S., Cuba, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the Dominican Republic, and some of South America.

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Q: In what country is baseball popular?
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In what Mexican country is baseball popular?

This question does not make sense. Baseball is popular in Mexico, which is a country unto itself.

What country is baseball most popular in?

USA and Japan

Is baseball popular?

Baseball is popular mostly in the US and Japan. It is not a very popular sport around the world even though it is an Olympic sport. Another country that play baseball is Korea.

Which country is baseball popular?

United States, Canada, Cuba, etc. I guess it would also depend how you interpret popular.

Which European country plays the most baseball?

Baseball is extremely popular in the Netherlands. In addition to having many leagues of their own, the country has produced many MLB players.

What country invented baseball?

The UK actually invented baseball it was invented in 1744 by the british but the Americans took it over to their country in 1762. It was popular in England, more popular than football is today and because the USA is bigger and just as popular the Americans claimed it as their sport.anwerd by mohamed mido

In what country are both baseball and sumo wrestling popular sports?

That would be the country of Japan. Tokyo is the primary center of both in Japan.

Is Russia a popular country?

its a country. countries are not popular. and define popular...

Why are baseball bats not seen as a offensive weapon in America?

In America, baseball is a very popular sport, more popular than in any other country, therefore the baseball bat is associated more as with the sport than as a weapon.

Which country is the most popular country?

the most popular country is Rome

Is Wales a popular Country for castles?

wales is the MOST popular country for castles and it is also a very popular country

Is baseball popular in the us?

Baseball is very popular in the USA

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