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It's in the 13th district.

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Q: In what congressional District is LaCrosse in Wisconsin?
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What congressional district is Green Bay in for Wisconsin?

It is in the Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District and the US Congressman representing that district is Dr. Steven L. Kagen.

How many congressional districts are there in Washington state?

Wisconsin have 8 Congressional Districts. ---There use to be nine. The smallest congressional district is the 4th districts which is really small. The biggest district would be the 3rd district which consists of the counties west/midwest of wisconsin.

Who is the congressional leader for the Ellsworth WI district?

The congressional leader for the Ellsworth WI district is currently Ron Kind. He has represented Wisconsin's 3rd congressional district since 1997.

How many miles from Wisconsin dells Wisconsin to lacrosse Wisconsin?

Lacrosse is 262 miles from Chicago. Jacqueline Berger

What is the congressional district of Inglewood?

Congressional District 35

What congressional district is odenton Maryland?

MD 3rd Congressional District

What congressional district do I live in Charlotte NC?

8th congressional district

What Congressional District is Montgomery Village MD in?

6th congressional district

What congressional district is Chatham New Jersey?

The 11th Congressional District

What is the Congressional District of Lakewood Colorado?

Lakewood is in the 7th congressional district

Amarillo Texas is in which congressional district?

Texas' 13th Congressional District

What is District of Columbia's At-large congressional district's population?

District of Columbia's At-large congressional district's population is 572,059.