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pyongyang, North Korea

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Q: In what city would you find the world's largest soccer stadium?
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What is the largest soccer stadium in the world?

The answer would have to be Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea, it is use for soccer mathches, Arirang performances, and a few athletic matches

How would you describe the worlds worlds largest river system?

Think the word would either be wet or spectacular.

What is the worlds second largest island?

That would be New Guinea.

What would be the worlds largest tributary?

There is 4 different tributariesMissouriParanaPurusMadeira

What professional sport association is the largest?

depends what you mean by largest. soccer would be the largest world wide

Where would you find worlds largest concentration of frozen water?


What is the worlds favorite sport?

Most people would think soccer, but because not everyone in say England follows soccer, it can't be cateorized as the worlds favourite sport, So which in turn you cant state which sport is the worlds favourite sportSOCCERred

If you were traveling down the worlds largest river what river would you be on?

The Amazon River is the world's largest river

Where is the largest iceberg in the world?

The worlds largest iceberg would be: Iceberg B-15. It is located at Antarctica.

What is the biggest American football Stadium?

That depends on what particular football league you are referring to; NFL or NCAA. If you are wondering about the largest stadium in the NFL, the answer would be the New Meadowlands Stadium. It has a capacity of 82,566 and is the home of the New York Jets and Giants. If you are wanting to know the largest of NCAA football, and the overall largest football stadium in the US, the answer to your question would be... (drum roll)... Michigan Stadium, with a capacity of 109,901, it is the stadium for the University of Michigan, home of the Wolverines.

Which sport has the largest viewing public?

My guess would be soccer, by far.

24 worlds number ones in sport?

It would have to be baseball,Soccer, or Basketball. Thanks for asking .

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