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Tiger Woods just bought a home in Jupiter Beach Florida

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Q: In what city in Florida did Tiger Woods just buy a house?
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What city and what state does Tiger Woods live in?

Windermere, Florida

City where Tiger Woods live?

His family home is in Jupiter, Florida.

What city does Tiger Woods live in?

Tiger woods live in San Fransisco, USA.

What city was Tiger Woods born in?

Tiger Woods was born June 30, 1975 in Cypress, California.

Who is Tiger Woods knee doctor?

I believe it is Thomas Rosenberg located in Park City, Utah

Was Tiger Woods mother a Bangkok bar girl?

Yes, she worked in Angel City at the local bars.

Who was Tiger Woods knee surgeon?

Tiger Woods knee surgeons were Thomas Rosenberg and Vernon J Cooley who share a practice (Rosenberg, Cooley, Metcalf) in Park City, Utah. Both have performed 3 surgeries on Tiger's knee: two scopes and one ACL.

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