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It was Super Bowl XXIV (24).

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Q: In what Super Bowl game did the San Francisco 49er and the Denver Broncos play in?
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Who won the Super Bowl of 1995?

The San Francisco 49er's

Which NFL team is most likely to sign Michael Vick?

1. Baltimore Ravens 2. San Francisco 49er's 3. Denver Broncos 4. Washington Redskins 5. Miami Dolphins 6. St. Louis Rams ( long-shot )

Who were the opponent's for the 49er's for Super Bowls?

XVI:Cincinnati Bengals XIX:Miami Dolphins XXIII:Cincinnati Bengals XXIV:Denver Broncos XXIX: San Diego Chargers

How many Super Bowl rings does Gary kubiak own?

Four, none as a player. Superbowl XXIX as a 49er's coach. SBs XXXII, XXXIII, and 50 as a Broncos coach.

What year did the San Francisco 49er's when their first Super Bowl with Jerry Rice?

Jerry's first ring came in Super Bowl XXIII, the championship of the 1988 NFL season.

What number is Delaney Walker on the San Francisco 49er's?


What are San Francisco 49er's team colors?

Red and Gold.

When was the football team San Francisco 49er established?


Who was the quarterback for the San Francisco 49er's in 1995?

Steve Young

In what super bowl was former san francisco 49er quarterback Steve young named the most valuable player?

in 1995 XXiX Steve Young was named the MVP

What is the worst San Francisco 49er defeat?

The one to the Falcons in 2009.

How many Super Bowl rings does sanfransisco 49er have?

they have won 5 super bowls