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Q: In what Australian city was the Olympics in 2000?
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What Australian city held the Olympics?

Melbourne (capital of Victoria) was the first Australian city to hold the Olympics, in 1956.In 2000, Sydney hosted the Olympic Games.

Which Australian city hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics?

i think its Sydney

Which country hosted the summer Olympics in 2000?

Sydney, Australia was the host city for the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Olympics 2000 is held in which city?


Which city was the 2000 Olympics heald in?


Which city hosted the Olympics in 2000?


Which city were the 2000 summer Olympics?


In 2000 what city held the Olympics?

Sydney, Australia.

What city was the 2000 summer Olympics held in?

Sydney, Australia

What city held the 2000 summer Olympics?

Sydney, Australia

Olympics 2000 were held in which city of the world?

Sydney, Australia.

How did Cathy Freeman become an significant Australian?

By wining races culminating in winnig gold in the sydne 2000 Olympics