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if its acually in its ahnd then no

but if about to get it like an inch then you can get it :]

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โˆ™ 2009-10-28 01:14:21
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Q: In water polo can you knock the ball out of the goal keepers hands?
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When soccer ball is in possession of goal keeper can the opponent keep kicking the ball?

no because the keeper if has two hands on the ball you can not kick it but if the keeper has one hand on the ball you may kick it out of the keepers hands.

Can you knock a ball out of someones hands in netball?

no, or you will give away a free shot

Why do goal keepers use towels?

Goalkeepers use towels to wipe their wet hands and the ball. As it rains often in England.

In basketball can a player knock the ball from another players hands?

Yes it's called a steal.

What does contact mean in netball?

contact is when you touch the player with the ball, you knock the ball out of the players hands, or shove a player out of your way to get past them

Am I allowed to knock the ball out of another player's hands while playing basketball?

Yes That IS Called stealing the ball out of somebody's hand

What do time keepers do in netball?

keepers are there to stop the ball from getting in the ring and to help the defenders

Can you knock down a lacrosse ball with your hands?

no, you could use your stick, but lacrosse is a game where the ball is wanted above the ground at all times, so i wouldn't recommend that.

How do you beat level 21 iq ball?

knock the wood thing and throw it in the water

What is a goal keepers qualities?

The goal keepers qualities are to keep the other teams ball from coming into the goal.

What do you do to the bowling ball to knock the pins down?

You deliver the bowling ball down the lane to knock the pins down.

Does the QB have to touch the football during a Center Keeper?

Yes the ball has to leave the centers hands so the QB has the ball then hands back off to the Center then the Center can run. This play can appear to look like a miss snap if not done properly, giving the defense an opportunity to stop the play before it can work. This is why you do not see Center keepers to often. In addition this is why you never see Center Keepers in a Shotgun formation

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