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its called a joust.

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Q: In volleyball what is it called when 2 opposing players attempt to play a ball above the net?
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Is volleyball in the Paralympics?

Yes, its called sitting volleyball because the players sit on the floor.

What are the front row players called in volleyball?

The players in the front row are Attackers, Blockers, and sometimes Setters.

What move in volleyball is allowed for a players hands above the net?

its called a tip

What is it called when one team scores a point on every serve in volleyball?

If you serve the ball, and nobody touches it on the opposing team, it is called an "ace".

Why was it called volleyball?

Because when players played it, one of William G. Morgan's( the inventor of Volleyball) friends saw a volley and named it that.

An attempt by a player to win a point by hitting the ball over the net in volleyball?

it is called "attack".

How do you use newcomer in sentence?

When my sister joined volleyball the other players called her a newcomer.

Do players move counterclockwise in volleyball?

Yes, the girls, or boys, do. Its called a rotation. You do this whenever a ball touches the floor on the other side of the volleyball net.

Why is state of origin called state of origin?

Becuase the players of the Blues players actually originate form NSW, likewise with the opposing team

What was volleyball called before it was called volleyball?

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What was volleyball called before volleyball?


What are the girls who wear different color jerseys on the volleyball team?

Players that wear a different colored jersey on the volleyball team is called defensive. This is also known as libero.

What is the origin of volleyball?

It was always called a volleyball

Scoring in volleyball is called what?

Scoring in volleyball is basically just called, scorekeeping.

What is the original name of volleyball?

It was always called a volleyball

What is a mintonette in volleyball?

Mintonette is what Volleyball used to be called.

Similaraties between volleyball and beach volleyball?

Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball are two completely different sports. In sand volleyball, the ball is not his nearly as hard as it would be if the players were on a court. For this reason, the ball doesn't go as fast and there is no need for six players to be on a sand court. Sand court only requires two players on each side of the net where as indoor volleyball needs six. The only similarities really, are that there is a ball, a net, and the same basic rules (aside from setting). In sand volleyball, if a set is spinning, even a little, you will get called on it, where as court is a little more lenient. So altogether, these two sports are assumed to be the same, but in reality, are completely different.

What was the first name for volleyball?

Volleyball was originally called mintonette.

What is volleyball?

Volleyball is a sport played on a 30x30 gym, outside or a beach court with 6 players in a gym and 2 players on a beach. Invented by William G Morgan. Volleyball is played with 3 contacts called a pass (bump), set (volley) and a hit (spike). In order to be successful in this sport you need to be communicative with your teammates and you need to have good hand eye coordination.

What are serves called in volleyball?

They are called serves.

What is the meaning of substitution in volleyball?

Substitution is when a player is called off of the court, and a new one goes on. This is most commonly done if the opposing team has a lot of momentum, to let some of it simmer down.

What character opposing the protagonist in a work of literature?

The character opposing to the protagonist is called antagonist.

What was volleyball originally called?


What is it called when you score in volleyball?


What was a volleyball first called?