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Q: In tug of war one team is slowly giving way to other what work is being done and by whom?
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giving frogs better water

How do you go from emo to girly without being a poser?

the process must be done SLOWLY. . .

What are some examples of and an adverb?

Quickly, suddenly, slowly. . .something that describes the way in which a verb is being done.

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Not if it was being done in conformance with "breed standards" (e.g.: Boxers), but if it was being done in a cruel and inhumane fashion or being done unnecessarily to other breeds, yes.

What is camera slow pan?

Pan is when a video camera is moved in azimuth (horizontally). It can be done slowly or quickly. Done slowly it is called slow pan.

What does giving knuckles mean?

Giving knuckles is like giving a high five, except knuckles are done with closed fists, one person lightly butting the fingers, from the first knuckle joint to the second, of another other person.

How can someone do the same amount of work as someone else but still be less powerful than the other person?

Power is all about how quickly you are able to transfer energy. Work done can be done slowly or quickly!

What is unconditional order?

If you describe something as unconditional, you mean that the person doing or giving it does not require anything to be done by other people in exchange.

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By giving their coordinates.

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When someone is 'giving someone a run around', their usually playing games with the person, being indirect with their emotions, taking advantage of someone or so on. In general, it's not a very good thing to have done to you.

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For me,Slowly is a term used to prove how the subject did something.(adverb)Example: She walked slowly.Slow is a term used as adjective.Example: She is a slow girl. :)I am not really good at giving answers like this, but i hope it helped. :)________________________________________Slow is an adjective, slowly is an adverb.Adjectives describe what something is like, e.g. blue, big, slow.Adverbs describe how something was done, e.g. he landed gracefully, he walked slowly.________________________________________Adjectives (slow) modify a noun; "A snail(noun) is slow", "She(noun) is slow at eating", "He(noun) is slow at dressing for school"Adverbs (slowly) modify a verb; "A snail travels(verb) slowly", "She ate(verb) slowly", "He slowly(verb) dresses for school"