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He won 19 trophies

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Q: In total how many trophies did bob paisley win as Liverpool manager?
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How many trophies has Liverpool won?

Liverpool FC have won a total of 41 trophies.

How many trophies has Liverpool FC won all together in total?

Liverpool have won a total of 58 trophies.

How many trophies have Carlo Ancelotti won?

31 Trophies as Player and Manager in total.

How much more trophies have Liverpool won than tottenham?

37Tottenham have won a total of 26 trophies in all competitions.Liverpool have won 63.

Which English football team has the most champion league trophies?

The Liverpool club in England has the most champion league trophies a total of five of them.

How many trophies has Manchester United won?

in total they have won 57 trophies, which is rubbish. Liverpool have won 58 and this season man utd only have a chance of winning the title. They may become level in trophies but liverpool will always be better. YNWA :)

Who is the most decorated british football CLUB?

ManU are currently the most decorated football club in English history with a total of 65. Liverpool are 2nd with 57 trophies as of today. In Italy, Juventus have 51 and AC have 50 trophies and in Spain Real have a total of 73 trophies, and Barcelona have 72.

What is so good about Liverpool?

EVERYTHING!!Liverpool are an amazing football team , all players have a passion for football , and a passion for the team. Liverpools current manager is Kenny Dalglish ( Aka King Kenny ) , a man who played for Liverpool many years ago and is a true Liverpool legend.Liverpool do have one very passionate hatred too ; for MAN UNITED! However , on total , Liverpool have won 62 trophies , and man u only 60. Haha!All in all , Liverpool are an amazing team , and all the things i have stated make Liverpool the fantastic team they are.COME ON YOU REDS!LFC Forever!!

How many trophies has real Madrid won in total?

303 trophies

How many total trophies are there in the trophy cabinet in ea sports cricket 07?

we can get total 7 trophies..

When was the last time Liverpool won the premier league?

Liverpool is one of the most famous football clubs in the English premier league. Over the years the club has won a total of 41 trophies. Their last league championship was after the 1989-1990 season.

How many trophies has Manchester United won ever?

70 trophies in total, four of which were shared.

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