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In the last frame you get a chance of Bowling 3 balls. You can get three strikes, a strike and a spare (a spare is two balls) or a spare and a strike.

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Q: In the last frame of bowling do you get a chance to bowl a total of 4 balls?
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What is the lowest bowling score you can get with six strikes?

The absolute lowest score would be 60. First frame - Strike Second frame - Two Gutter Balls Third frame - Strike Fourth frame - Two Gutter Balls Fifth frame - Strike Sixth frame - Two Gutter Balls Seventh frame - Two Gutter Balls Eighth frame - Two Gutter Balls Ninth frame - Two Gutter Balls Tenth frame - 3 Strikes (Total points here = 30)

What is the least amount of balls you can bowl in a regualtion bowling game?

Frames 1-9 you throw 9 balls (strikes) Frame 10 you throw at least 2 not getting a spare. You total amount is 11.

How much do 70 ten pin bowling balls weigh?

That would depend on the weight of the bowling balls. If they were 10 pounds each, that would be 700 pounds total.

What is the highest score you can get in a single game of bowling?

> Well if you get all strikes in every box you get 120 points.\ Wrong. A perfect game of 12 strikes would score 300. A strike in a frame is worth 10 pins plus the total of the next two balls. Since each of the next two balls is also a strike, the total for the frame would be 30 pins.

Player throws a strike then knocks down 8 pins with their next two balls The combined score after these 2 frames is?

26. Count ten pins plus the total of the next two balls in the strike frame, then add the total of the last two balls to the frame following the strike.

How many bowling pins in a game?

10 pins are used in each frame. Total of number possible to be seen: 120

How would you score a strike plus a spare in bowling?

A strike means the next 2 balls count double, a spare means 10 points plus the next ball counts double. So a strike+spare is (10 + 10) = 20 for frame 1, and 10 more for frame 2, and the next ball counts double (and is tallied in frame 2):frame 1: 20 (total = 20)frame 2: 10 + next ball (total = 30+)frame 3: next ballA spare followed by a strike works out the same: 10 + 2*(10) = 30, and the next two balls (because of the strike) counts double. In long form, (x) + (10-x) + 2*(10).frame 1: 20 (total = 20)frame 2: 10 + next 2 balls (total = 30+)frame 3: next 2 ballsA game of all strikes quickly adds to 300... if you keep doing strikes, each frame gives you 30 points because you get 10 for what you hit, plus double the next two balls (each of which gave you 10).

What is my score on bowling?

The amount of pins that you knock down after 10 frames. If you get a spare (knock down all 10 pins in two shots), the number of pins you knock down on your next throw get added to that frame. If you get a Strike(all 10 in one shot), you get the next two throws added to that frame. 9/ 90 9/ X X 90 10+9 = 19 (first frame) 19+9 = 28 (second frame) 28+10(spare)+10(strike in 4th frame) = 48 (third frame total) 48+10(strike)+10(strike in 5th frame) + 9(first ball in 6th frame) = 77 (4th frame total) 77+10(strike in 5th) + 9 0(2 balls in 6th frame) = 96 (5th frame total) 96 + 9(total from 6th frame) = 107 (6th frame total) Hope this helps.

Points for knocking down all pins in one frame?

If you knock down all the pins on your first ball of a frame it is a strike and you would add the pin total for the next 2 balls rolled. If it takes you both balls of a frame to knock down all the pins it is a spare and you would add the pin total for the next ball rolled.

What is a complete game of bowling?

Ten frames total. Two shots per frame to knock all ten pins down. If you get a strike in the tenth frame, you get two fill shots. If you get a spare in the tenth frame, you get one fill shot.

What are the rules of bowling?

There is a site for all bowling rules in the links section below. You throw the ball down the lane and hit as many pins as you can. if your foot crosses the black line at the beginning of the lane it is a foul and you get 0 points for that frame. If you get a Spare(/) then you get 10 points plus however many are scored in the first shot of the next frame. If you get a strike(X) it is 10 plus however many points you get total in the next frame, but, if you get 2 strikes in a row then it is 20 points plus however many you get in the frame after that. For example, if you get a strike in the 5th frame, a strike in the 6th frame, and 9 pins in the 7th frame. you will get 29 points for the 5th frame, 19 points for the 6th frame, and 9 points for the 7th frame.

What is the highest possible total score in a game of Ten Pin Bowling?

The highest score in ten pin bowling is 300. You get 30 points each frame. I hope that helps. (Thats just strike after strike) YEA ITS 300

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