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You are probably referring to the penalty arc which is at the top to the penalty area. It is not exactly a half of a circle.

Prior to the taking of a penalty kick all players except the kicker and the opposing goal keeper must be outside of the penalty area and at least 10 yards from the penalty mark. The penalty mark is only 8 yards from the edge of the penalty area! So an extra bit of distance is added to show the players where they must be.

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The penalty arc is used to keep all players ten yards away from the ball during a penalty kick.

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Q: In the game of soccer What is the half circle in front of the big goal box for?
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How does Pi apply to soccer?

The Ball uses pi and so does the half circle near the goal and the center circle

What is the relationship between goal ball and soccer?

In the game of soccer, you win the game if you put the ball into the opponent's goal more often than the other team.

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When a soccer team scores a goal the game is resumed as what?

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How long is the penalty spot to the goal in a soccer game?

Twelve yards.

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a goal in soccer is to "score a goal"

What is it called when the soccer ball is sent from the sideline across the field in front of the goal?

A cross.

What does penality goal in soccer mean?

A penalty goal in soccer is a goal scored as the result of a penalty shot. A penalty shot is rewarded to a player who has been subject to rough play inside a designated penalty area in front of the opposing team's goal.

Can defender goal in f00tball?

Any player, including defenders and goalkeepers, can score a goal in a game of football (soccer).