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A rook is worth more, clocking in at 5, while the knight is only worth 3.

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Q: In the game of chess what is worth more a rook or a knight?
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In a game of chess which piece is worth more - a rook or a knight?


How is chess related to knights and castles?

Both knights and castles (or more commonly known as rooks) are related to chess in the way that they are pieces in a chess game. The knight is usually represented by a carved wooden horse and the rook is represented by tower.

Which has more combinations - an Enigma code machine or a game of chess?

Chess. There are more possible games of chess than atoms in the universe.

What is your understanding on Chess game?

its more differnt

What is life more related to checkers or chess?

Life is more related to chess than checkers, and as they say life is a game of chess, not checkers.

How many different positions are possible in a chess game?

More than there are atoms in the universe, which is why chess is an unsolvable game :)

At the beginning of a chess game there are more of which piece?


How popular is chess?

Chess has been a very popular game and is becoming even more popular .

What is the chess server where you can play an interactive chess game on-line?

ICC. (Internet Chess Club) Search it online to get more details.

How can win chess?

To win at chess you must be better than your opponent by having more experience and being better studied at the game of chess .

In chess a knight can jump over opponents pieces but can it jump over more than one at a time?

Yes it can

How many horses are in a chess game?

Seeing as to how each side starts with two knights (horses) there are four knights at the start of the game. If a pawn is promoted to a knight there can be more than four knights on the board, but this doesn't usually happen.

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