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No, a king can never move to a square that is being threatened by an opponents piece. This would result in check, and you can never move your king into check.

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Q: In the game chess can a king move to a square next to another king?
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How many moves can a king make in the game of chess?

There is no limit to the number of moves a King can make in chess; however the King can move only one square at a time.

When was Chess or the King's Game created?

Chess or the King's Game was created in 1616.

In chess can you switch your king with another piece?

Yes:) but only if you have your king and castle 2 spaces apart and there are no pieces in between them........ enjoy your chess game:)

In chess if the king MOVES in to cheak can you take him?

In a standard game of chess the king cannot legally move into check, so he must make another move. In blitz chess (using a chess clock with time limit 5 minutes or less for the entire game) you may capture the king if he moves into check and win the game.

What is the objective of chess?

The objective of chess is to checkmate the king, where the king is in check by a piece and it cannot block the check, move to another square, or capture the piece checking the king.

What is goal of chess game?

The goal of chess is to capture your opponent's King .The goal of a chess game is to put the opponent king in Check Mate.

In the game of chess if it is not a king can it kill a king?

In chess, any piece may capture any other piece except the king, which can only be checkmated (in check with no square to escape). Even the lowly pawn can checkmate the King.

What is the most important piece in the game chess?

The most important is the king . The capture of the king is the goal of the game of chess .

Can you take a king in chess?

Yes , that is the purpose of the game of chess - to capture your opponent's king .

Is the king in chess your goal?

The goal in chess, or the object of the game, is to checkmate your opponent's king. A king is in checkmate when he is attacked and no matter what move he attempts to make he is still being attacked (or in check). There are three ways to get out of check: move the king to a safe square, capture the checking piece, or block with another piece. If a player is in check and cannot get out of check, he is in checkmate and has lost the game.

Can the queen kill the king at chess?

Yes , the queen can capture the king and this ends the game since the king's capture is the goal of the game of chess .

Can a king get killed in the game of chess?


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