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The NBA didn't actually adopt the 3 point field goal until the 79-80 season. It was 23 feet, 9 inches, which is what it is currently after changing for 3 seasons back in the 90s.

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Q: In the beginning of basketball in the NBA how far was the 3 point line?
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Did the ABA always use the three point shot?

I dont think that they did because the NBA at the beginning never had a three point line

What is the distance from the three point line to the goal?

The NBA distance from the three point line to the goal is 23.750-feet. The distance in college and high school basketball is 19-feet, 9-inches. An NBA court is 90-feet by 50-feet.

When basketball first started how many points was each basketball?

Free throws were 1 point all other baskets were 2 points there was no 3 point line until the NBA merged with the ABA. the ABA invented the 3-point arc introducing it to the NBA in their merge in1976

What was the first year the three point line was used in mens basketball?

It is believed that the first NBA three-point shot was made in 1979. The player credited with making that shot was Chris Ford.

How far is the basketball net from 3 point line to rim?

It depends on which division you are talking about. High school, college, and nba are all different

What is the distance from the midcourt line to the end line on a NBA basketball court?

50 feet.

How long is the NBA 3 point line?

nba 3 point is 36ft. away from the basket

When did the NBA start the 3 point shot?

They don't give 3 points for a field goal. Basketball gives you three points when you make a basket at the three point line the three point line was added after the 1978/1979 season.

Why did basketball bring the three point line into the game?

they did it so that college and nba players would start shooting farther shots and to help improve their shot

What is the circumference of the NBA 3 point line?

The NBA introduced the three point line in the 1979-80 season at a length of 23'9" from the top of the key to a length of 22 feet in the corners. In the 1994-95 season, the NBA changed things so the three point line was a uniform 22 feet from the basket. The distance was reverted to 23'9" in the 1997-98 season and has been there ever since. The 19'9" distance is the distance of the college basketball three point line, which will be changed to 20'9" for the 2008-09 season

How many NBA teams have there been since the beginning?

The NBA (National Basketball Association) was founded in 1949 when BAA (Basketball Association of America) and NBL (National Basketball League) were combined. There were a total of 17 teams in this league.

Are their old school basketball courts without three point line on any nba 2k video games?

Yes on the 60's and 50's courts