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When the QB throws the ball away to avoid a sack, there must be a wide reciever in the area or he must be out of the pocket. If not, it is grounding which is a 15 yd penalty and loss of down.

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Q: In the National Football League what does grounding mean?
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What does nfl mean in football?

NFL is an American football abbreviation. "NFL" stands for "National Football League". National because the league is played across the nation; Football because the game played is referred to as "football" (It is known as "football" in America. Many countries refer to it a "soccer".); League because this national game is played with multiple teams in many places at different times, etc. (unapproved definition of "league").

Why did the American Professional Football Association change to the National Football League?

The American Football League changed their name to the National Football League because not only America was playing it. I mean Football was started in the U.k by Walter Camp. Football is a National sport so there for the name was changed.

What does AFC mean?

In the National Football League, AFC stands for American Football Conference.

What does NHL mean?

NBA - National Basketball AssociationNFL - National Football LeagueMLB - Major League BaseballNHL - National Hockey LeagueMLS - Major League SoccerIRL - Indy Racing LeagueNCAA - National Collegiate Athletic AssociationFIFA - Fédération International de Football AssocaitionUEFA - Union European Football AssociationAFC - Asian Football ConfederationCAF - Confederation of African FootballCANCACAF - Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association FootballFIA - Fédération Internationale AutomobileIOC - International Olympic CommitteeIIHF - International Ice Hockey FederationIAAF - international Association of Athletics Federations

What football league do the Romans play in?

Internationally known football clubs of Rome... of today! Lazio Rome AC Rome Both in Serie A, the first league of Italy. I hope you didn't mean "romanians"... They - of course - play in their national league...

What does l.f.p. mean?

Liga de futbol profesional (Spanish football league) or Ligue de football professionnel (league of professional football, France)

What does nl mean?

National League?

What league is the number 1 league in the world of football?

Do you mean the highest rated if so Barclays Premier League

What does the A series mean?

Serie A is the top league in Italian football.

What does AFC mean in soccer?

The NFC and AFC are the National Football League's conferences.NFC stands for National Football ConferenceAFC stands for American Football ConferenceIt is somewhat similar to the American League and National League in Major League Baseball, however the National League and the American League in Baseball have different rules (primarily involving the designated hitter), while the NFC and AFC are in the same league, and have identical rules. The NFL's 32 teams are evenly divided into the two conferences, equivalent to the divisions in either Baseball league. Each conference has playoffs to determine its champion at the end of the regular season to decide which teams will play in the Super Bowl, the NFL's championship game. In the Super Bowl, one NFC team and one AFC team play for the league championship. Prior to the 1970 merger of the American Football League and the NFL, The Super Bowls were World Championship games played between the two League champions.Back in the 60's there were 2 different pro leagues, the AFL (American Football League)and the NFL (National Football League) some time during the late 60's they merged together and became one pro league.Each conference AFC and NFC is divided up into 4 division so between the both of them there are 8 divisions.NFC Divisions:North - Green Bay, Minnesota, Chicago and DetroitSouth - Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta and CarolinaEast - Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia and NY GiantsWest - San Francisco, Seattle, Arizona and St. LouisAFC Divisions:North - Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cinncinati and BaltimoreSouth - Houston, Tennessee, Indianapolis and JacksonvilleEast - New England, Miami, NY Jets and BuffaloWest: Oakland, San Deiago, Kansas City and DenverThis is the way they were re aligned in 2001 to make the NFL more competitive.

What does the initials NJFL mean?

One of the meanings is National Junior Forensics League (by IDEA; which is International Debate Education Association) The league has speech and debate for junior high/middle school kids (grade 6-8). It gets you ready for NFL in high school. It's cool alright... Oprah did it... and was a nation champion of course.But... it could be National Junior Football League too. oh well... who cares about football?!

Was football a national sport in 1900?

If you mean national in a today's sence then yes, it was, in England.