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Only in MLB can the teams from the same division not play each other, and that's only in the first round of playoffs. In the NFL, I think it's called the Divisional round because in theory, only divisional champs will be remaining in the playoffs after Wildcard Weekend.

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Q: In the NFL playoffs why is it called Divisional Round when teams from same division can't play each other?
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Can a wild card team host the first round playoff series in major league baseball?

No, only division winners can host the divisional round of the playoffs.

Is there a second round bye in the nfl playoffs?

There is no bye in the Divisional (2nd round) playoff games. The first and second seeded teams in each conference each get a bye week in the Wildcard (1st) round of the playoffs.

What was the score when the cowboys vs the vikings in 2008-2009 playoffs?

Actually it was the playoffs after the 2009 season. The Vikings defeated the Cowboys in the divisional round, 34-3.

What NFL teams have played in the playoffs?

All. The Houston Texans made the playoffs for the first time in their history in 2011. They defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Wild Card round but lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional Round.

Did the falcons make the playoffs with mike Vick?

Michael Vick played with the Falcons between 2001-2006. In those six seasons, the Falcons made the playoffs twice. In 2002, the Falcons were a wildcard team and won in the wildcard round of the playoffs against the Green Bay Packers. They lost the following week in the Divisional round to the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2004, the Falcons won their division and the Divisional round playoff game against the St. Louis Rams. They lost the following week in the NFC Conference championship game to the Eagles. As the Falcons QB, Vick had a playoff record of 2-2.

How many games did the Dallas Cowboys win in 2009?

The Cowboys won the NFC East division title with an 11-and-5 record. They defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 34-14, in the wild-card round of the NFC playoffs, but lost to the Minnesota Vikings in the divisional round, 34-3.

What is NFL wildcard?

the wildcard is a division awarded to the team with the most amazing plays/outs The wildcard team in the baseball playoffs is the teams with the most wins that did not win a division title.

Will the cowboys make it to the 2008 Super Bowl?

Alas, no, they were knocked out of the playoffs in the divisional round by the eventual Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants.

Who did Dallas Cowboys lose to in 1996 playoffs?

The Cowboys lost in the divisional playoff round to the Carolina Panthers, 26-17, on January 5, 1997.

What do the Philadelphia Eagles players get paid for the 08-09 Playoffs?

According to the NFL Collective Bargaining agreements, post season payouts for 2008 are: Wild Card $ 20,000 (Division Winner) $ 18,000 (Non-Division Winner) Divisional Round $ 20,000 Championship Game $ 37,500 Super Bowl Winner: $ 78,000 Loser: $ 40,000 The Eagles were not the Division Champions, so they receive $18,000 for the wild card round.

How many divisional rounds of the playoffs has Tony Romo won?

None. His only playoff wins were in the wild-card round in January 2010 and January 2015.

Will the Green Bay Packers lose in 2011?

The packers had an amazing regular season in 2011 going 15-1. Unfortunatly they did not do as well in the playoffs and lost in the divisional round.