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Yes, I play football at the Pro level and there are many skilled position players as well as special teams players that only wear shoulder pads and helmets.. In practice we sometimes only wear shoulder pads and helmets we call it pro-pads we also wear this during training camp a lot and when we are not going to hit full speed.

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Q: In the NFL are players only required to wear helmet and shoulder pads?
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Are there a penalty on helmet to helmet contact on open field runners?

I do not think so it's only on defenseless players.

What helmets do NFL players use?

the official helmet company of the NFL is Riddell, so most players in the NFL wear those, because in order to wear any other helmet the players have to have the name of the company taken off the helmet. ive noticed that most players wear the Revolution Speed by Riddell. its the best helmet that Riddell produces. ive only seen two other players wearing a helmet by another company although im sure there are more, Chad Ochocinco and Justin Tuck both wear the Ion 4D by Schutt which is the best helmet made to this point.

Are PGA tour players required to use a caddie during PGA tour events or can they carry their own bags?

Players can carry their own bags although they choose not to as it puts strain on their back and shoulder muscles. However, they can only have one caddy at a time.

Why are NHL players required to wear helmets?

NHL Players are required to wear Helmets for two reasons. One is if the fall, of corse. And two is because of the Hitting. One thing though is that the NHL Goaltenders do NOT need to wear a helmet. As the "NHL Rules" only said that "Goaltenders are highly suggested to wear a sort of protective helmet" which means they don't have to if they don't want to. But if they come into the game with one they must wear it during the game but if they show up without one no one can stop him from playing because of it.

Why do women's lacrosse players not wear a helmet?

womens lacrosse players dont wear a helmet cause they dont have to. In womens lacrosse, you cant do any body checks and you can only check the stick if its away from their head... so theres no need.

Do you need to wear a motorcycle helmet in Miami?

You need to wear a motorcycle helmet any time you get on a motorcycle, but in Florida it is only required for anyone under 21.

Are college players allowed radio helmets?

Yes, college players are allowed radio helmets. However, there is only one radio helmet allowed on the field per team during a game.

What NFL players wear radios in their helmets?

In the NFL as of the 2007 season, only the quarterback is allowed to have a listening device in their helmet.

When only four players left in a team basketball?

If a team is left with only 4 players, the team will lose by default. each team is required to have 5 players in the court.

Who needs to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle in California?

Everyone (rider and passenger). It is the only article of gear required.

What are the colored dots on the back of NFL players helmets?

It means that the helmet with the green dot has the radio equipment in it and only the QB may have that.

Is it legal to wear lap seat belt only in ILLINOIS?

If the car is equipped with shoulder belts you are required to wear them.

What year were helmets required in NHL?

Helmets became mandatory in the NHL in August of 1979. The only players exempt from the rule were those who signed a professional contract prior to June 1, 1979, and also signed a waiver allowing them to play without a helmet. The death of Minnesota North Stars player Bill Masterton in due to a head injury after being sent flying and hitting his head on the ice 1968 really changed players' stigma about helmets. By the time helmets were made mandatory in '79, 70% of players were already wearing them. The last player to play without a helmet was Craig MacTavish during the 1996-97 season.

Who invented the rugby helmet?

there are no helmets in rugby only in american football. that is why rugby is so brutal and why players wear tape around their ears to stop them getting ripped off. there is only one "helmet" which is a scrum cap which is used like the tape to stop their ears being ripped off

What kind of safety equipment is required to operate a mini ATV?

Typically there is not much required in the way of safety equipment needed to operate a mini all terrain vehicle (ATV). A helmet is required, but beyond that, typically only a land use permit is required and that is not applicable in all areas.

Why don't all New England Patriot players have the number 21 black circle on their helmets and why were some wearing 91?

The players choose whether or not to wear the numbers of fallen NFL players during the season. New England is not the only team to choose not to wear Sean Taylor's number on the back of their helmet. The 91 on the back of New England's helmet represents the number of their teammate Marquise Hill who died during the summer of 2007 in a boating accident.

How do dwarves get their beard in their helmet?

Beards are not in the helmet. Only the upper portions of the head are in the helmet.

What type of clothes does greek goddess Athena wear?

The Greek Goddess Athena is most often depicted wearing the clothing of a warrior. She wears a gold helmet and boots made from skins of animals. She is also seen wearing flowing white gowns that are off of the shoulder or cover only one shoulder.

What is required to ride a BMX?

To ride a BMX only a few things are required. Most importantly one will need a helmet. Also, one may need knee pads, elbow pads, etc depending on their skill.

Why is there a green sticker on the back of each NFL quarterback's helmet?

This sticker shows which players have the radio receiver from the sidelines transmitter. Only one radio is allowed on the field per team.

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Do baseball players have to tag up after every pitch?

No, base runners are only required to tag up on an out by the batter.

What does the Cleveland Browns logo look like?

The current Cleveland Browns logo is effectively the same one that has be in place since 1970, a simple orange helmet similar to the one worn by the actual players. Redesigns in 1986, 1992, and 2006 altered the helmet only slightly to update the face guard.

Will a youth facemask fit a adult helmet? will only fit a youth size helmet

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