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It depends on whether or not he has the ball in his hands when he hits the ground of the endzone. If it is not in his possession, then it is a fumble and can be recovered by a defender. If it is in his hands and he touches the endzone, then it is a touchdown.

If he was in possession of the ball when the ball crossed the goal line, it's a touchdown. As soon as the ball breaks the plane of the goal line, the ball is dead and the play is over. Anything that happens after that is irrelevant.

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Q: In the NFL A player has possession of the football dives into the endzone crosses the goal line and is hit in mid air causing him to lose the ball Is this a touchdown or a fumble?
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Is a play over if the ball crosses the plane of the endzone?

Yes, the moment the ball breaks the plane of the end zone while in possession of an offensive player, a touchdown is called and the play ends.

What is it called when a monster crosses the touchdown line?


Did the player have to be inbound to score a touchdown?

Yes. The technical way to score a touchdown is to have to ball "cross the plane" into the endzone without the player being down or out of bounds. With a catch, the player must establish himself as inbounds while maintaining possession. In the NFL, the player must do so with two feet inbounds. In NCAA Division I football, the player only needs to do so with one foot inbounds. With a run, the player must have not stepped out of bounds before the ball crosses the plane into he endzone.

If a receiver catches a ball in the middle of the field and his feet are in the end zone but the ball never crosses the plane of the goal line is this a touchdown?

it is not a touchdown because the ball never broke the plane.

Is it a touchdown if the ball breaks the plane of the goal line on the out of bounds side when a player is diving?

The ball has to be in the touchdown zone. If it is above the zone it is still a touchdown. Take Troy Polamalu's touchdown on Dec,12,2010. He dived, broke the plane of the goal line but he was holding the football above the zone so it counts as a touchdown. In some cases the ref might not count it.

Do you need two feet in bounds to score a touchdown?

No. Only the point of the ball has to cross into the endzone to be concidered a touchdown, assuming the player has possesion of the ball. If the player catches the ball in the end zone, then yes, he has to get both feet down for the score to count. It's no different from the requirement to get both feet down for a completion on any other part of the field. In college and Canadian football, however, a player is only required to have one foot down for completions and touchdowns.

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When is the football dead after throwing it out of bounds?

when it crosses the boundry, even if its in the air

How long does a football keep in play you association football?

A football is in play either until it crosses the out-of-bounds plain or if the ball is secured while crossing the plain of the end zone

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Football Stats -- is a deflection of the football on a punt also considered a block when keeping stats -- assuming the ball is deflected but still crosses the line of scrimmage?

No it's not. If the ball, after a punt, crosses the line of scrimmage and hits ANY of the receiving team's players it's a live ball. So it's not considered a blocked punt.