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The Trailblazers are from Portland and the Clippers are from Los Angeles.

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Q: In the NBA where are the trailblazers from and also are the clippers from New York?
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What year did the Portland Trailblazers join the NBA?

the trailblazers entered the nba in 1970 as an expansion team to add an extra team to the nba

Could you name the NBA teams located in the Pacific Time Zone?

Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Sacramento Kings, Seattle Supersonics, Portland Trailblazers, Golden State Warriors

What year did the portland trailblazers jion the nba?

The Portland Trailblazers entered the NBA in the 1970-71 season.

Is trailnlazers a NBA basketball team?

Portland Trailblazers.

What NBA teams played in the finals in 1997?

The Portland Trailblazers and Philadelphia 76ers played, with the Trailblazers winning the title.

Who are the portland trailblazers facing in the NBA playoffs?

The Houston Rockets

What NBA team does Greg Oden play for?

The Portland Trailblazers

What nba team does juwan howard play for?

Portland Trailblazers

What is or are the NBA team or teams from Oregon called?

Portland Trailblazers

Who do you think will be in the 2020 NBA Finals, and why?

I think it will be the Clippers and the Bucks or Clippers and Celtics. Clippers win it all though

Who was the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2012?

Damion Lillard from the Portland Trailblazers

What is the worst team in the NBA?