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Waite Hoyt-(1929)

George Pipgras-(1930-1931)

Herb Pennock (1932-1933)

Jack Saltgaver-(1934-1937)

Babe Dahlgren-(1938-1940)

Buddy Rosar-(1941-1942)

Oscar Grimes-(1943)

Mike Milosovish-(1944)

Joe Buzas-(1945)

Charlie Keller-(1945-1948)

Ed Kleiman/Ralph Buxton-(1949)

Billy Martin-(1950)

Gil McDougald-(1951-1960)

Billy Gardner-(1961-1962)

Mike Hegan-(1964)

Phil Linz-(1965)

Ruben Amaro-(1966-1968)

Billy Cowan-(1969)

Ron Blomberg-(1969, 1971-1977)

Jim Spencer-(1978-1981)

Dave Revering-(1981-1982)

Roy Smalley-(1983-1984)

Ron Hassey-(1985-1986)

Joel Skinner-(1986-1988)

Tom Brookens-(1989)

Alvaro Espinoza-(1990)

Carlos Rodriguez-(1991)

Jim Leyritz-(1990-1992)

Wade Boggs-(1993-1997)

Roger Clemens-(1999)

Denny Neagle-(2000)

Clay Bellinger-(2001)

Alfonso Soriano-(2003)

Kenny Lofton-(2004)

Tony Womack-(2005)

Andy Phillips-(2006)

Kevin Thompson-(2007)

Andy Phillips-(2007)

Ivan Rodriguez-(2008)

Alberto Gonzalez-(2008)

Cody Ransom-(2009)

Josh Towers-(2009)

Eduardo Nunez-(2010)

Eric Chavez-(2011)

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Alfonso Soriano

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me last year on little league

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Alfonso Soriano and Jackie Robinson.

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Q: In the Major League Baseball who wears 12?
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