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Yes he does it is in Skeleton Key that he meets Sabina

His girlfriend is Sabina

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Q: In the Alex Rider series does Alex get a girlfriend?
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Who is the writer of the Alex Rider series?

The writer of the Alex Rider series is Anthony Horowitz.

Who was Alex Rider's girlfriend?


Who wrote the Alex Rider seres?

The author of the Alex Rider series is Anthony Horowitz.

Is the Alex Rider series appropiate for children?

The Alex Rider series has about 2 bad words in it and sometimes says ''Alex cursed under his breath'' and a action scences but that's about it.

Who created the character Alex Rider?

The author of the Alex Rider series, Anthony Horowitz, did.

What is the name of the series by Anthony horo Alex Rider?

It really depends you could call it theAlex rider series or the Stormbreaker series.

Who published the Alex Rider series?

Anthony Horowitz

What is the lesson in the Alex Rider series?

Kids can do anything?

In the Anthony Horowitz books who was Alex Rider's girlfriend?

Sabina Pleasure

Does the charcter Alex Rider in storm breaker die?

no Alex rider does not die. there are nine books in the series and if you read all of them you obviously know the character Alex rider survive other wise there wouldn't be 8 other books (excluding stormbreaker) in the series, would there?!

Is Crocodile Tears the last Alex Rider book?

no alex rider #8 is not the last one in the series, there will be a 9th about Yassen Gregovinch

Who wrote the Alex Rider series of books?

The Alex Rider books are written by Anthony Horowitz. They are a series of detective novels enjoyed mostly by young adults. The first book in the series was released in 2000.