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I think the number is typically 16 dogs.


12 to 16 dogs can start the race with at least 6 on the towline when they finish.

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Q: In the Alaska Iditarod how many dogs can the musher end up with at the finish line?
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What is the maximum number of dogs in the iditarod At the start and at the finish?

A musher can have a maximum of 15 dogs to start the Iditarod race. He must have a least 5 dogs in the harness at the end to officially finish. Dogs can be dropped for many reason such as injury, illness, and attitude issue.

What is the fewest number of dogs you can run the iditarod with start and finish?

According to the Iditarod Rules for 2018: "A musher must have at least twelve (12) dogs on the line to start the race. At least five (5) dogs must be on the towline at the finish line." So a musher must start with at least 12 dogs on the line and must end with at least 5 dogs on the line.

How many dogs can a iditarod musher have?

16 dogs

When and why race in Alaska?

the race started in 1973 in iditarod and whated to test sled dogs and musher in the race.your welcome collin out peace

What is the maximum number of dogs a musher in the iditarod can start the race with?

a musher can only have 16 or up numbers of dogs

How can a musher on the Iditarod be automatically disqualified?

If he or she loses enough dogs or abuses the dogs then they will be disqualified.

How many dogs does an iditarod musher usually own?

12 to 16 dogs

What do Iditarod race dogs eat?


How can a musher get disqualified in the Iditarod?

Mushers can be disqualified if you abuse your own dogs.

What is the maximum of dogs to finish the Iditarod?

6 dogs at the finish

What is a musher in the Iditarod?

It is a person who leads a pack of dogs pulling a sled in the famous state race that moves from Anchorage all the way down treacherous territory to Nome, Alaska.

What are three mandatory item that a musher has to have in the iditarod race?

dogs, sled, food

How many dogs are you allowed to race in the Iditarod?

6 dogs is the minimum number of dogs that you have to finish with in the Iditarod.

How can a musher be disqualified from the Iditarod?

For going off the track or losing too many dogs.

What is the maximum number of dogs a musher can run with in the iditarod?

They can have up to 12 to 16 dogs :)

How can a musher from Iditarod be automatically disqualified?

If he or she doesn't end up with the right amout of dogs they will be disqualified!

How many dogs have to finish the Iditarod?


What are the two reasons why a musher can be disqualified from the iditarod race?

There are a number of behaviors that could disqualify a musher from the Iditarod race. Two of the most common are animal neglect or cruelty or sabotage of other teams or mushers. Dogs are also checked for illegal drugs.

What is the race called when dogs run in Alaska?


How many dogs does a musher need to cross the finish line?


What is the name of the race that they have in Alaska that has dog sleds and lasts about one week?

Iditarod : From Anchorage, in south central Alaska, to Nome on the western Bering Sea coast, each team of 12 to 16 dogs and their musher cover over 1150 miles in 10 to 17 days.

What is the minimum number of dogs you can finish with in the Iditarod?


What is the main purpose of mushing in Alaska today?

the main purpose of mushing in Alaska today is that the dogs won't know where to go if the dogs just raced. the musher is practically a leader to the dogs.

What is the main purpous of mushing in Alaska today?

if there was no musher the dogs would not know where to go

Why shouldn't the Iditarod go on?

The iditarod should run for ever as it's man and animal working together in there highest form. Alaska would not be Alaska with out sled dogs.