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Prior to World War I, an Ice Hockey teams had seven players on the ice at one time when it was penalty free. One goaltender, two defencemen, three forwards and a player called the rover.

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Q: In the 1920 Olympics what was the 7th player in hockey called?
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When did hockey join the Olympics?


When was ice hockey put in the Olympics?


When did ice hockey become part of the Olympics?


What year did ice hockey start in the Olympics?

It started in 1920 in the summer olympics.

What year was hockey introduced to the modern olympics?

The men's hockey tournament was introduced in 1920 and was permanently added to the Olympics in 1924.

When did ice hockey first come into Olympics?

it came in 1920

When was ice hockey played at the summer Olympics?

Once in 1920.

When did ice hockey enter the Olympics?

First international championship was in the 1920 Summer Olympics, from then it was played in Winter Olympics (1924,1928...)

Who won the ice hockey gold medal in the 1920 Olympics?

Winnipeg Falcons

What year did hockey start in the Olympics?

It started in 1920 in the summer Olympics then was transferd permanently to the winter games in 1924.

Before the winter Olympics there were two winter sports included in the summer Olympics?

Ice hockey and figure skating.Ice hockey was first competed in 1920 and figure skating in 1908. The first Winter Olympics were in 1924.

Was ice hockey ever a summer olympic event?

Yes, ice hockey debuted at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp because, at the time, there were no Winter Olympics. Ice hockey has been a Winter Olympic event since the first Winter Olympics in 1924.