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What rank the player is in the world or most likely the tournament. This is chosen by how good their world ranking is.

They also take into account past performance, as well as how good the player is on the surface - e.g. in 2005, Andy Roddick was ranked lower than Lleyton Hewitt, but he was seeded 2nd ahead of Hewitt (Federer was obviously seeded first), due to his success at the tournament the previous year (reached the final), and his success on the grass courts at Queens.

Seeded players earn a 'seed number' by having a high ranking/good record. The seed 'number' is awarded based on the expectation (usually based on rankings) which indicate how the player might perform in this tournament. The 1 seed would be expected to win the tournament and is usually the highest ranked of all the players in the tournament. The number of seeds in a tournament depends on the number of competitors.

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Q: In tennis what is the meaning of a 'seeded player'?
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