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Probably because Paul dislikes Erik, and he knows Erik doesn't deserve something like that dream.

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Q: In tangerine why does paul fisher dislike the Erik fisher football dream?
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In the book tangerine What did paul's father call his involvement in his brother's football playing?

The Erik Fisher Football Dream.

In Tangerine why did they move?

They moved for the Erik Fisher Football Dream. Paul's dad says there are good football programs in Tangerine, Florida.

What is the Erik fisher football dream in the tangerine book?

The dream that both Erik and Dad share for Erik to become a star football player and maybe even receive a scholarship for football in college. Paul does not like it because Dad is always focusing on the Erik Fisher Football Dream (EFFD, let's call it.) and not on Paul and soccer, and does not realize what is going on with Erik and Paul.

In the book tangerine what is the impact on the Erik fisher football dream has on paul and what are two details from the book?

They pay less attention to Paul and he is overshadowed by his big brothers accomplishments.

In Tangerine by Edward Bloor how does Paul Fisher feel about football?

Paul Fisher doesn't really like football because his brother, Erik, plays it. Erik is rude and cruel to Paul and his friends, and Paul does not look up to him at all. The "Erik Fisher Football Dream," as stated in the book, makes up most of Erik's and Erik's parents' lives. Paul doesn't want anything to do with it.

What was Erik Fisher's football dream in 'Tangerine'?

He wanted to be the best player in football and attend a good college so he could play professional football. I think that it was to be a star athlete and be the center of attention. After all, the book did state that he used to play soccer, but when he found that football was the star attraction, he switched to that.

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What part does the Eric fisher football dream play?

Erick plays kick off

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