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No, it is not in play.

That is called a "Let Ball", the server does not receive a penalty and reserves.

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Q: In table tennis if the ball hits the net and goes over on a serve is it in?
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Why is a golf ball heavier than a table-tennis ball?

Try hitting a table tennis ball with your driver and see how far it goes, this should answer your question.

What happens if the ball in table tennis hits the out of bounds area of the net and goes over?

It counts as your point.

What is a serve?

In tennis, a serve is when the player with the ball hits the ball into the opposite square from which they are standing in on the other side of the court. Example: Standing on the right side, you hit the ball in the square on the left side. In volleyball, a serve is when the ball goes over the net.

When the ball hits the top of the net on the first serve and goes in what would be the call in tennis?

It would called as 'let' and server gets another chance to serve.

Where does the Let come from in Tennis?

A let is when the person serving serves the ball and it clips the net and then goes in. the server gets to re-serve

Which ball goes the furthest a baseball or a tennis ball?

A baseball.

How does tennis work?

To play tennis first you have to get the equipment. You will need 1 tennis racket, some tennis balls, and if you want someone to play with you. When the ball comes towards you then you hit it. To tell the score in the beginning you say set score is 0-0 game score love-love. Then you serve. If you that ball goes out then you you say second serve. THE END

Which ball goes the farthest among table tennis ball .. golf ball .. tennis ball .. football .. or a squash ball?

Depends upon how much force is given when hit, kicked or thrown. The table tennis ball however has no mass to it at all, so it would travel the least distance no matter how much force was given at point of launch. A Golf ball can travel some 350 yards with the right angle and pro golfer.

What is alet ball in tennis?

a let ball is when your ball hits the net and still goes over (like, hits the very tip) on a serve. That is a let. If it doesn't go over it's just considered out. You can reserve, and if it's your first serve, it's still your first serve. Same with second.

Who has the fastest reflex?

By far table tennis. The ball goes over 110km/h and you are less than 3 meters away from each other.

In Tennis What Happens If The Ball hits the nest during service?

If you hit the net and it goes over you go onto 2nd serve and if i doesn't go over u got to 2nd serve again

What is it called when a tennis ball goes around the net and not over it?


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