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Yes it is part of the plate.

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Q: In softball is the black border on home plate part of the plate?
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Is the black border considered part of home plate?

There is no black border

What is the size of home plate in women's softball?

What is the size of home plate in men's softball?

Is the black part of home a strike in slow pitch softball?

black is not an official part of the plate

What is the difference between softball mat and softball home plate?

A softball mat is similar to home plate except it is movable, as the plate is drilled into the ground

How wide is home plate in softball?


Is home plate in foul territory in softball?


How far is home plate to pitcher in womens softball?

47.912 feet from pitcher to home plate

Size of softball home plate?

same as baseball

What are dimensions of mens softball home plate?


How far is the softball mound from home plate in NSA slowpitch softball?

40 feet

When can you take the lead off base in softball?

After the softball has crossed over that home plate.

What is the difference between a pitcher's plate and the home plate in softball?

43 feet

What is offensive play in softball?

offense is when you are batting on home plate

What distance Softball second base to home plate?

The answer is 10m

In softball what is the distance from third to home plate?

60 feet

How do you measure the distance from home plate to softball mound?

From the tip of the plate to the edge of the rubber closest to the plate.

Is the distance in fastpitch softball measured from the pitching rubber to the front of home plate or the back of home plate?

From tip of plate to front of rubber

In softball how far is it from home plate to 2nd base?

On a 40 foot Little League softball diamond, the distance from home plate to second base is 56 feet 7 inches.

What is the distance between home plate and pitchers mound for 15 and under girls softball?

the distane from home plate to the pichers mound in 15 year old softball is 40 feet

What is the distance between home plate and first base in 10U softball?

35 feet from the rubber to the back of home plate.

How far is it from the pitcher's mound to home plate in 12 and under softball?

It is 40 feet from the pitcher's mound to home plate.

What is the term used when a batter is able to reach home plate in softball?

A home run?

How do you score on softball?

you have to get to home plate without the other team getting you out

How far is it from the pitchers mound to home plate in softball?

43ft as of this year

How far is first base from home plate in softball?

60 feet