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Q: In soccer what does it mean when you trip or hold another player?
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What does it mean to loan a soccer player to another team?

you let another soccer team use one of your players

What does it mean when you dream about bing a soccer player?

You are one of the 25% of soccer player in the world! I guess it helped

In Australia what does the word 'switch' mean when you are playing soccer?

Switch means change players .it means that one player go out and another player go in the game

Where can you sing up to be a soccer player?

-do you mean sign up?

What do they mean when they say a soccer player is running empty?

He is tired

Does yellow shoes mean a soccer player is good?

cleats dont mean anything

What does pitch mean in soccer?

The term pitch, when associated with soccer, means the soccer field. Pitch is another term for the field where the game is played.

What are capps in soccer?

Capps in soccer mean each time a player plays for say the country it is called a capp.

What classes must you Excel in in order to be a soccer player?

To be a soccer player you don't have to excel in any classes unless you are trying to get a soccer scholarship to a university or college which would mean you have to earn a good grade average.

What is a soccer player called in English?

Your question is in English lol do you mean in England? If so the answer is a Football Player

What does options mean in soccer?

Which player can one pass to or taking a shot or passing it away.

What does the number 12 mean on a soccer player's shirt or What position does that player have?

The number 10 is worn by the striker and usually the best player.