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being offside, and being tackled

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Q: In soccer what do you have to avoid?
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How do you avoid injuries in soccer?

Stretching before practicing and playing is one of the primary things someone can do to try to avoid injuries while playing soccer. It is also important to wear quality and well-fitting protective gear.

Can you play soccer with syringomyelia?

No, people with syringomyelia should avoid doing anything which can cause them spinal trauma EG running.With surgical compression, there might be a possibility of playing soccer.

What are the uses of a cone in your daily lives?

To hold your ice cream, avoid on the road and run around at soccer practice.

How do you avoid offside in soccer?

You can avoid being called offside by staying in an onside position until you have possession of the ball. If you are caught offside, you can avoid getting called and penalized by staying away from the play and not becoming involved. If is not an infraction to be in an offside position, unless and until you are involved in the play.

Is the goalie in soccer considered as a player to avoid a forfeitr?

Yes, the goal keeper counts as one of the 7 players required to continue a match.

How should you set your camera if you wanted to take pictures of your friends soccer game?

Very short shutter time, to avoid motion blur.

Why do soccer players wear shin gaurds?

In soccer, people generally kick the ball to get it from point a to point b. Therefore, this kicking will potentially lead to someone being kicked in the shin. To avoid the pain or broken bones, they wear a shin guard.

If your child has hemophilia what can they not do?

They CAN do anything. They should avoid contact sports, but there are exceptions. As an example, some hemophiliacs can play soccer but some cant due to ankle problems.

How soccer players use soccer?

soccer is boring

What is a good name for a soccer store?

Kick It Soccer SupplySoccer StopOne Stop Soccer ShopCompete Soccer EquipmentGet In The Game Soccer Shop(Town name or name's) Soccer Shop (For example John's Soccer Shop or Stonecreek Soccer Shop)Goal! Soccer ShopTurf- Soccer Supply

What are ten easy sports to learn?

golf, soccer, croquet, curling, soccer, baseball, basketball,, soccer, soccer, and soccer

Why do they have specific shoes for sports?

To make it easier to play the sport and to help avoid accidents. Example: cleats help soccer players run on the grass without slipping.

Why isn't soccer called soccer ball?

It isn't called soccer ball because the soccer ball is the ball you use in soccer. See? I have actually heard people call it soccer and soccer ball.

What are the 3S of invasion territorial games?


What is AM in soccer?

soccer in the morning

Which soccer is the fastest?


Where is soccer At?

On a soccer feild..?

Sonnet poems about soccer?

Soccer is Fun Soccer is cool Soccer never wants to make you drool

What are Mia Hamm's favorite sports?

lets see umm soccer, soccer, soccer, and i forgot soccer.

How do you use soccer in a sentence?

I play soccer I played soccer Soccer is a game I enjoy watching/playing

What do soccer players usually wear?

soccer jersey, soccer shorts, soccer socks, shinguards, and cleats.

What are soccer boots made for?

Made in soccer boots factory

What is soccer called in Canada?

Soccer is called soccer in Canada as well.

How do you spell soccer?

The word referring to a sport is spelt soccer.

What are some adjectives that describe soccer and begin with the letter O?

Soccer can be obsessive. Soccer results are official. Soccer is Olympian. Soccer is an outdoor sport.