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after they save the ball it is called goalies ball so he/she puts it on the ground and is meant to strike it at one of its team players or boot it towards the very end of the field where the opposite goalie is

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Q: In soccer after the goalie saves the ball what can they do with it?
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How does the force tension apply to the game of soccer?

goalie saves the ball

Can you touch the goalie in indoor soccer?

It all depends on how you touch them, if the goalie has possession, and if the goalie is dribbling the soccer ball.

Can a soccer goalie push a player out of the way to get to a ball?


What is a goalie in soccer?

A goalie stops the ball from entering the net and has the option to use his/her hands.

What does a goalie do in soccer?

The goalie stands in front of the net, and can use his hands to stop the ball from going into the net, all the goalie has to do is keep the ball out of the goal

Can a soccer goalie bounce the ball?

A goal keeper may bounce the ball.

Who bolcks the ball in soccer?

They are usually called a goalie, or the keeper.

What are all the penalties in soccer?

pushing,shoving,grabing the ball with your hands,tackle from behind,kick the ball in front of the goalie, and grab the ball if your the goalie is a no no!

What is the worst place for a goalie to kick the ball in soccer?

Into their own goal..

Can an indoor soccer goalie bounce the ball?

Yes, as long as you are in the box.

What happens when the goalie holds the ball for too long in soccer?

He explodes

Does the soccer ball have to leave the goalie's box for the opponents to attack and score?

no it does not.

Who are the only players that can touch the ball in soccer?

Everyone can touch the ball in soccer, but not with their arms or hands. Only the goalie can do that. The goalie can touch the ball with any part of their body. The referee can't touch the ball, or else that would mess up play.

What happens when the ball goes out and the goalie touched it last in soccer?

Corner kick.....................

Can you hit a soccer ball with your fists and it is in the opposite goalie box and you are goalie?

No u cant cause its going to be considered a handball

When are the two occasion a soccer player can handle the ball?

#1 - when it's goalie ball #2 - throw in

Can you pass the ball to your GOALY if your a defender?

In soccer, yes but if you pass the ball to the goalie they can't pick it up

What is the definition of a soccer goalie?

According to a goalie is a player whose chief duty is to prevent the ball from crossing or entering the goal.

Does the goalie have to pick up soccer ball with their hands?

no the goaolie doesn't HAVE to they can also kick it

Can a soccer goalie pick up a ball in the penalty area when his feet are outside?


What are the basic guidlines of soccer?

1.the goalie has to stop the ball from going into the goal. 2.

What is the term in soccer for when a player moves the ball into the goal post past the goalie?


What is the term in soccer for when a player moves the ball into the goal post past goalie?


What is goalies ball in soccer?

when the keeper or goalie is in possession of the ball after being received from a back pass or saving a shot

How do you train-soccer goalie?

The goalkeeper is one of the most important positions on the field. The following are some of the techniques that they should learn: diving saves, trapping the ball, punting goal kicks, tackling, ball control, and focus.