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no, just hit the ball.

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Q: In racquetball does the ball have to bounce on a serve before it is returned?
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What is the type of bounce of where ball is hit with full strength in racquetball?

When serving, this is called a "drive serve."

What are three basic types of serves in racquetball?

The three basic types of serves in racquetball are the lob serve, the z-serve, and the drive serve.

Can the ball bounce before the serve in tennis?

no, a serve must be hit from out of the air

It is legal to return a serve without letting the ball bounce in tennis?

You have to let the ball bounce in the service box before returning the serve.

What is the fastest racquetball serve ever?

The fastest racquetball serve was recorded by Egan Inoue. He served it at 191 miles per hour.

A serve striking the sidewall first in racquetball results in a?

Loss of serve

Tennis serve bounce?

You bounce the serve diagonal from you once into the box.

Fastest racquetball serve?

The fastest racquetball serve was recorded by Egan Inoue at 191m.p.h. Brian Fredenberg has the second and third fastest serves at 187m.p.h. and 186m.p.h.

What is a serve that is impossible to return in racquetball?

None... Simple

What are the rules of racket ball?

In racquetball, the player who begins with the serve must first bounce the ball off the floor before hitting the front wall. The ball may not touch the back wall and can only touch one of the side walls before the other player returns the serve. If the ball does bounce in these restricted areas, it is considered to be a fault. The players continue to return passes to each other by first hitting the ball to the front wall before allowing the ball to hit the floor. Unlike in the initial serve, the ball may hit any of the walls once the serve is successfully in play.

What are the basic racquet ball rules?

The Basic Rules of Racquetball is the serve, only the server scores points, the ball can only bounce once and the ball must return to the front wall after being hit.

In tennis can you volly a serve?

No you can not. You must let the ball bounce before you hit it. Don't let it bounce more than once! ;D

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