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Q: In racquetball can the server call a long or short serve or is it only the receiving players call when there is no referee?
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What is a service error in volleyball?

When the server either exceeds the time allotted after Referee #1 blows his service whistle or the server touches the boundary line with a foot at the moment of contact of their hand and the ball. The receiving team receives a point and service.

In a game between two people can the sever and receiver score in racquetball?

Only the server can score points in racquetball. If the receiver hits the ball against the front wall and the server cannot get to it in time, it is the receivers turn to serve. They do not get a point for this.

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In racquetball what is an error when two successive faults are committed?

This is called an "out." The server loses their serve and it is now their opponents turn to serve.

What is the rule if ball strikes server in racquetball?

The rule is: The person who is struck by the ball gets to cry without being made fun of.

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