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Q: In pro football playoff overtime do both teams get a chance to score?
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Football overtime rules?

Score or go home

How does a team win in pro football in overtime?

First team to score on overtime wins

How is overtime done in a high school football game?

if one team scores then the other team has a chance to score also but if they dont the other team wins

How can there be a tie in pro football?

there can be a tie from the same score so they have to go into overtime then

How many pro football games ended with a 3 to 0 score in overtime?


What is the score in the NFL football playoff game Packers against the cardanels?

Packers 45 - 51 Cardinals

Why does the NFL have sudden death overtime instead of an equal possession rule?

That question was asked in many rule changing portions on the offseason, they ARE however thinking of changing the overtime rules to the college type overtime, in that overtime, each team gets a chance to score from the opponents side of the field, if they score, the opponent must score the same amount of points (touchdown or field goal) to still have a chance, but if they don't score, they lose. There's no news on IF they're going to make the change, but the teams in the NFL who have lost in overtime a lot certainly want the change soon.

What was the score of the Michigan vs Michigan state football game in 2009?

MSU won 26-20 in overtime.

What was the score for the longest college overtime game?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the longest overtime football games in college football history were in 2001 when Arkansas defeated Mississippi 58-56 and in 2003 when Arkansas defeated Kentucky 71-63. Both games had 7 overtime periods.

Is there double overtime in football?

In college football, yes. If the score is tied at the end of an overtime period, the game continues. Overtime rules in college football are set up so that there cannot be a tie game ... overtime periods will be played until one team is ahead at the end of an OT period. In the NFL, not in the regular season. If no team scores in the overtime period, the game ends and is declared a tie. Obviously, in the playoffs there can be a double overtime as those games must have a winner.

Is there only overtime in American football if it is a draw?

Yes. In regular season games, teams will play up to 15 minutes of overtime in order to settle a tie with the first team to score being declared the winner. If neither team scores in the 15 minute overtime period, the game is declared a tie. There is nothing used to break ties like the shootout you might see in ice hockey or penalty kicks in association football. In a playoff game, teams will play as many minutes of overtime as it takes until one team scores and is declared the winner.

What is the best brand of football card?

bowman,topps,score,rookies & stars,upper deck,fleer ultra,panini, playoff prestige.

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