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You only have to serve from the right hand side if you're playing doubles.

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Q: In ping pong-do you always serve from the right side?
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Do you have to serve cross court in ping pong?

Only in doubles. If you're playing doubles then you serve from the right, crosscourt. If it's just singles then you can serve anywhere.

In ping pong does the serve have to leave the table?


Which side should you serve from in ping pong?

In singles play, you can serve from anywhere as long as the ball is behind the end line and above the table. In doubles play, you must serve from the right half of the table.

Can you serve in ping pong while in a sitting position?

There is no rule specified saying you can not serve while sitting. Ping Pong is played by people who stand by choice and by people who permanently sit.

When playing ping-pong on the first serve and you miss the table is it a redo?


Can you win from a serve at ping pong?

You can win a point with a serve. The game goes to 11 points changing serve every 2 points.

What is the meaning of serve in the ping pong?

When you serve, you start the volley back and forth until somebody wins the point.

In the game of ping-pong can you win on a serve?

Yes you can get the winning point on a serve according to all the rules that I have read.

What happens if you drop the ping pong ball when you go to serve?

forfeit point

What are the foul lines on ping pong table?

there are no foul lines for singles in table tennis, but for doubles you are only allowed to serve from the right half of your side of the table to the opponents right half (cross court/table).

Is there a second serve in ping pong?

yes you get two serves in table tennis and tennis

Can you spin on a serve in ping pong?

You cannot spin the ball when you throw it up while serving. You can create spin from your racket on the serve though.

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