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Depends on the time of year in which the game is played... regular season games have one overtime period (sudden death, first to score wins) and if at the end of the period (full 15 minutes, each team gets 2 timeouts) the score is still tied, it's over. Tie ball game. Playoff games on the other hand cannot end in ties... they'll continue playing indefinately until someone finally scores. (but the odds of 2 playoff caliber teams not being able to kick a field goal in a 15 minute period to seal a win in OT prevent us from seeing a double overtime game!)

This answer is absolutely right. I'd just add that in postseason, overtime is played just like a brand new game. Therefore, each team gets a full 3 timeouts instead of 2, and there would even be a halftime period if the game was tied after the end of 2 overtimes. No game has ever gone beyond a second overtime, though.

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Q: In overtime in pro football are there two overtimes or does it just end after one as a tie?
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Is there a limit to an amout of overtimes in American football?

The NFL operates under sudden death overtime rules where the first team to score in a 15 minute overtime wins. Regular season games can end in a tie while post-season games can not. There is no limit to the number of overtimes in college football and the team with the most points at the end of an overtime period wins. If the teams are still tied at the end of a period, another overtime period begins.

Why does ncaa football get multiple overtimes?

Because the leaders of the NCAA decided that no game would end in a tie. If the game is still tied after one overtime, the teams will play as many overtimes as it takes to break the tie and declare a winner.

Is their a limit to how many overtimes in playoff nba games?

No. A basketball game cannot end in a tie, therefore, the teams will play as many overtime periods as needed to break the tie.

Is there double overtime in football?

In college football, yes. If the score is tied at the end of an overtime period, the game continues. Overtime rules in college football are set up so that there cannot be a tie game ... overtime periods will be played until one team is ahead at the end of an OT period. In the NFL, not in the regular season. If no team scores in the overtime period, the game ends and is declared a tie. Obviously, in the playoffs there can be a double overtime as those games must have a winner.

How many periods aare in a hockey game?

There are 3 periods in a hockey game. If the game is tied after 3 periods, there is an overtime. If that doesn't end in one team scoring, there can be a shootout or as many overtimes as needed.

Who won the first overtime game in college football?

Overtime was introduced to college football in the 1996 season. The first college football game to end based on the new overtime rules was a contest between Missouri State(then SW Missouri State) and Oklahoma State in Stillwell, OK on August 31, 1996

What football end zone does the home team use?

This is decided by the Coin toss at the begiining at the game or at overtime if their is a tie at end of regulation

What happens if the score is tied after the end of the basketball game?

I'll start off guessing you've just become a basketball fan because this is pretty basic stuff. But to answer your question, they go to overtime which is only 5 minutes long instead of 12 minutes for a normal quarter. If the teams are tied again, they go to second overtime, then triple overtime, quadruple overtime, and so on. For just an interesting fact, the longest NBA game was on TV for 4 hours, with six overtimes. The finalscore was only 75-73, which isn't much score even for a normal game.

How many times can you go into overtime in football?

Personally, zero. I'm exhausted by the end of the first inning, and have never understood the game, so the caddy is unlikely to send me into overtime.

Has there ever been a Super Bowl game that has ended in a tie?

No. A Super Bowl would always be decided by overtime procedures. Football games can never end in a tie. If by the end of the fourth quarter they are tied, then they go into overtime.

How do you end a football game?

When all four quarters expire. But if overtime is needed the team who scores first is the winner and then the game is over.

Do college football games end in a tie?

No.They have an overtime system where each team gets the ball from the 25 yard line..

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