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23 sixes

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Q: In one day international cricket match what is the record of total sixes in a match?
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What is the maximum number of sixes hit in a single Cricket T20 match?

15 sixes

Excitement in an T20 cricket match?

many sixes

In cricket who has hit the maximum sixes in test match?

Adam Gilchrist of Australia with 100 sixes

Which player has the record of 2nd maximum sixes in test cricket?

Jacques Kallis of south Africa holds this record with 74 sixes.

How many sixes hit by sachin tendulkar in international cricket?


Who smashed the highest six in the cricket?

Shahid Afridi from Pakistan has smashed 351 sixes in International Cricket.

Who holds the record of hitting most sixes in T-20 Cricket?

Ross Taylor of New Zealand: 164 sixes.

Which player has the world record maximum sixes in test cricket?

Chris Cairns

Which player has the world record maximum sixes in T20 cricket?

yuvraj singh

Who has hit the 12 sixes in one-day international cricket?

shahid afridi

Which batsman hit most sixes in 20-20 international cricket?


Which country hit most sixes in one day international cricket?