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Q: In netball what age should stop playing at?
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What age do should you stop playing Club Penguin?

I think you should stop playing at about 15.

At what age is it apropiate for men to stop playing video games?

The age that is appropriate for men to stop playing video games varies. For more information visit

When did Natalie Von Bertouch start playing netball?

Natalie started playing netball at a very young age. In fact she was nine years old when she started. I just want to know what influenced her to play netball.

At what age should a child stop playing with webkinz?

Ha! 8.

What age should you stop playing Pokemon?

Whenever it gets boring for you.

What age should you stop playing on the Nintendo DS?

Don't be silly, theres no age you should stop playing the NDS! I know people of all ages that play the DS. It's less of what age to stop playing the NDS but what age to stop playing certain games. My mum's best friend who is around 36 loves her DS to peices and i don't see it as a bad thing at all. I'm addicted to my DS and I'm 14.

How old do you have to be to play netball?

Age doesnt really matter for netballas long as she can rum, catch and throwshe can play netballbut if she wants to join a team them it depends on the age limit set by the team

What age is good to stop playing with Nintendo DSs?

The age you stop playing ds is when you're 11.

What age should your baby stop using the pacifier?

u should lean away from them at age and stop them by age 4

What age do you stop playing little baseball?

you have to stop playing little league at age 12. but you can play juniors (13-15) or seniors(16-18)

Is there an age limit netball for?

yes when you are 50 you will need to quit netball or you can be a coach

How high should a netball hoop be for a 12year old?

The height of a netball goal for a 12 year old should be the same as the adults use which is 3.05 metres (10 feet) it gives them confidence to shoot that high and practice makes perfect.